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For commercial facilities with high-frequency usage, EURO Profile mortise locks are ideal security solutions. These locks are heavy, sturdy, and constructed with highly durable materials to last for a long time. In addition, they are specially designed to plug any kind of vulnerability. Besides, they are easy to adjust and fit.

Euro Profile mortise locks are primarily used in Europe countries, but they are also used in other countries. In this post, we will explain the EURO Profile mortise lock and other related details to this lock that you might be interested in knowing.

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What is the EURO Profile mortise door lock?

EURO Profile mortise door lock is a cylinder-shaped lock. In some cases, they are also called door barrels. In these locks, if the key pattern matches the pins inside the lock, you can turn the key. Once the key is turned successfully, the middle part of the cylinder, known as the cam, will also turn. And when the cam is activated, the door locks will be locked or unlocked.

This lock offers protection and security to a variety of properties, both domestic and commercial. However, since the euro cylinder lock is so easy to install, modify with additional security measures, or replace, it is one of the most commonly used lock profiles by locksmiths and architectural ironmongers.

The classification of the EURO Profile mortise door lock

Based on the principles of a mortise lock, the EURO Profile mortise door lock can be classified as follows:

  • Sash lock – This type of euro mortise lock has a latch that allows it to be opened from inside or outside of your home. So these locks are suitable for both internal and external doors. In general, 3 lever mortice sash locks are used on internal doors, whereas 5 lever mortise sash locks are used on exterior doors.
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  • Passage lock. A passage lock is a type of euro mortise lock used for interior doors in your home, like those to the corridor and storage room. It can be opened from both inside and outside, you can press the handle from the both side to draw back the lock latch, then open the door, there is no security funstion, just in order to achieve windproof, heat insulation, soundproof.
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  • Deadbolt lock – This type of lock can be opened from both the inside and outside only with a key and does not have a latch for opening it. It is a suitable lock for storerooms, wooden, metal, fire, smoke, etc.
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  • Bathroom lock – Two levers operate the latch bolt in this lock, and internal thumb rotation throws the Deadbolt. With the thumb turn, an emergency release indicator enables it to be mounted outside the door. Suitable for bathrooms, public restrooms, etc.
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  • Nightlatch lock – Mortice night latches automatically lock when doors are closed, so you do not need a key. However, if you want to open the door again from outside, you’ll need a key. From the inside, you can unlock the door with the handle, there is a auxiliary latch below the lock latch to achieve the anti thrust function.These locks are fitted to the surface of the door. Night latch locks are typically found on storage room doors.
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  • Classroom lock – an oblique tongue lock core and a half-lock cylinder are attached outside the door. When the outside of the lock is locked with a key, the latch bolt can be retracted from the inside. And you can always exit immediately by using the inside lever. It is usually attached to the door of the classroom.The classroom lock is also a kind of anti-panic lock.
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  • Narrow lock – The narrow lock has an angled body that allows it to fit inside a door frame, especially for narrow profile alunimum doors.
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  • Magnetic lock – The magnetic lock uses a small magnet on one side of its body to hold it in place while it opens and closes at will.

The power of the magnet:
The Magnetic locks are designed to maximize your comfort and convenience. The magnetic latch lies flush within the gearbox when the door is open and is therefore virtually invisible.
Powerful magnets draw the latch into the striker plate and hold it in place. This intelligent detail is what makes it extremely quiet.

Benefits for users:
>High-quality appearance thanks to flush latch position.
>Wear-resistant magnetic technology no release latches.
>Pleasant acoustics

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  • Escape lock – it can be activated quickly. An internal lever/emergency outlet allows a single escape and high safety, simultaneously springing the latch bolts and bolts in a single action. Its installation is suitable for escape doors, wood doors, metal doors, fire doors, smoke doors, swing doors, etc.
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  • Hook lock for sliding door – This type of mortise lock is used to secure sliding doors from the outside. By twisting the lever from the inside (or turning the key from the outside), the hook-shaped bolt rotates up to hook into the frame, preventing the door from opening or sliding.
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The place of use of EURO Profile mortise lock?

There are several different places where you can install or use euro mortise lock, including:

  • Wooden door for interior and exterior door
  • Steel door
  • Aluminum door

However, remember, backdoors are often secured with sash locks, while front doors are generally secured with deadlocks. For extra privacy, you might also consider installing a mortice lock on your bathroom door or bedroom door.

How to choose a EURO mortise lock

Door types, sizes, and security levels are taken into account when choosing Euro mortise locks.

1. Types of Door

It is possible to install Euro cylinders on both internal and external doors. However, your lock selection will depend on whether the door is placed in a commercial or residential space.

Euro mortise locks for external doors

A property’s front, back, side, and patio doors are all great candidates for cylinder locks. It is recommended that you choose a 6-pin cylinder lock since it offers more security than a 5-pin lock.

Euro mortise locks for internal doors

The following are examples of common scenarios where euro cylinders can be used as internal locks:

  • In office spaces where it is necessary to lock doors for security, privacy, or segregation
  • Multiple-occupancy rented property

For internal doors, 5-pin cylinders are typically required. It is also important to keep fire regulations in mind when you choose a lock, as you will likely need a thumb-turn euro cylinder that can be unlocked from the side without a key. And measuring the door or existing lock cylinder will help you determine the correct cylinder length.

2. Door material

You can easily install Euro cylinder locks on uPVC, wooden, composite, aluminum, and steel doors.

3. Security

Security Attributes

With euro cylinder locks, there are four main security attributes.

  • Anti-Snap Euro Cylinders – Tested to ensure they are resistant to lock snapping.
  • Anti-Pick – This type of lock is extremely difficult to crack. By manipulating the pins within the lock, the shear line can be aligned, allowing the plug to be turned and the lock to be opened. It is often conducted using tension tools and picks, such as hair pins, by criminals. The euro cylinder locks are equipped with anti-pick spool pins to prevent lock picking.
  • Anti-Drill – A burglar may attempt to break into the lock by using a powerful drill. With this method, a screwdriver is used to turn the plug after drilling the key on the thin line. Locks with anti-drill pins in the barrel and plug prevent this by using steel pins.
  • Anti-Bump – In these attacks, adapted keys are used and inserted into euros cylinders, then torqued to unlock the door. Locks with anti-bump mechanisms use pins at different levels along the sheer line to create an over lift, prevent cylinder rotation, align pins at different angles and combine dimples and grooves.

Getting the correct cylinder

To ensure the door is secure, you will need to pay particular attention to the length of the cylinder. A door that has too much cylinder protruding from its handle is more likely to be broken into because it is easier to grip and snap. Alternatively, if the cylinder is too short, it may be recessed inside the handle. That could result in a build-up of moisture and dirt within the door.

4. The size

Mortice locks come in 3 sizes: 72, 85, and 92. The size of the mortice lock you need is very important if you are installing it on a door with a narrow frame, or any door for that matter. A mortice lock’s size determines how far away from the door frame the keyhole is. To measure mortice locks, measure the backset and center. In addition, you should measure the length and width of the forend and the width and height of the case.

5. CE marked and fire-rated locks for fire-rated doors.

There is a special focus on the fire-rated mortise lock for fire doors. The function of this component is to ensure the safety of daily-use doors. When a fire occurs, it can withstand the flame temperature, guarantee the functionality of the fire door, and effectively prevent smoke and flames from spreading. So, while choosing a Euro mortise lock, keep this factor in consideration.

How to install a EURO Profile mortise

It is crucial to install a euro cylinder lock correctly. The installation process usually takes about 10-30 minutes with the aid of a screwdriver and a file.

Follow is a step-by-step process to install a Euro mortise lock.

1) Insert the key into a euro cylinder lock with a keyhole to align the cam tongue with the lock body.

2) Screwing the cylinder in place is the next step.

If the screw you already have is in good shape, you can use it, or you can use the one that was included with the cylinder. It is necessary to cut the screw if it measures too long (about the length of the shaped hole in the cylinder). There are pre-cut notches on the screws provided for cylinders that facilitate the process of shortening them.

3) Then, this fixing screw goes into the lockplate hole above the cylinder housing so that it can be inserted into the round hole in the cylinder, which is centered below the recess for the cam. It is evident that this hole is not visible when the cylinder is inserted, but it can easily be seen when the screw is held perpendicular to the lock plate.

4) Next, the fixing screw must be tightened.

This operation is completed by installing decorative escutcheons inside and outside, which cover the holes through which the cylinder passes under the door and over the external security device.

5) Afterward, use the screwdriver to tighten the central screw to secure the lock in place.

Although installing a new cylinder lock is quick and easy, it needs to be securely installed. However, if you are uncertain about the installation of a new cylinder, we recommend contacting a Locksmith.

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The benefits of the EURO Profile mortise

The following are the benefits of euro mortise lock:

  • Their design makes them easy to replace, fix, fit, and maintain.
  • Compared to UL American standard locks, it’s cheaper and can be used in highly frequently used areas, like in supermarkets and factories, but they’re also durable enough for doors that aren’t so often opened.
  • Size according to DIN18251, all manufacturers make the same size, easy to produce by automatic machine, and easy to cut installing holes for door factory.
  • These locks are CE marked by European standards. That means they’ve been approved by a third-party testing agency—and they passed their 200,000 cycle test at one of the highest standards available in Europe.
  • This lock is made of stainless steel 304 material—which means it can withstand abrasions and corrosion from chemicals like salt or oil. That’s why they’re so durable—they don’t rust easily! They’re also fire-rated for use in fire-retardant doors in your project area.
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The top-rated door concealed hinge brand and manufacturer all over the world.

The following are the top-rated door concealed hinge brands and manufacturers all over the world:

What is a good EURO Profile mortise?

The following are the characteristics of a good Euro mortise lock:

  • is made of high-grade material, SUS304
  • 200,000 open-close cycle test According to BS EN 12209
  • Good finish (Satin nickel, black, Gold PVD, AB, AC…., different finishes available)
  • can pass a 96-hour neutral salt spray test
  • CE-marked and fire-rated
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